Welcome to MB6WX Wires-X Gateway

MB6WX is a Wires-X gateway serving the north Nottingham area and has been active since February 2016.

The gateway is usually parked on room 27753,  which is the Wires-X DMR bridge to reflector 4420,  but the gateway can be moved to any room. If the gateway does not receive any rf traffic within ten minutes of being moved from room 27753  it will then automatically return to room 27753.

Further information on the Wires-X DMR bridge can be found at http://bm1uk.com

The gateway consists of a Yaesu FTM 100 node radio, being fed into a 1/2 wave dipole with an output of 2 watts erp.  The HRI 200 WIRES-X  box controlling the node radio is connected to a Gigabyte Brix mini pc running Windows 10.

The gateway pc also host’s the Wires-X room 27753 which bridges Wires-X  to the Brandmeister reflector 4420.

If you experience any problems with the gateway or you have any questions then feel free to drop me an email at admin@mb6wx.com.